Comfortable feel due to high specific gravity





Color: Pink/Olive(wiith markings)
Length: 200m

Salt Water


●Sinking PE line with a specific gravity of "1.48" achieved by combining four ULT-PE materials and a high specific gravity fiber in the core.
●The high specific gravity fiber in the core prevents the line from floating and improves the manipulation of the lure by increasing its straightness.
● Easier line control in strong winds and fast tides, reducing problems.
● While it is a hybrid line with different materials, the latest manufacturing technology provides straight line strength that is comparable to products made of 100% PE material.
● Olive color with markings for visibility and camouflage, and pink color for specialized visibility.


●Comfortable manipulation due to specific gravity of 1.48.
The light specific gravity of PE line (0.98) gives it an overwhelmingly long casting distance, but in strong winds or when there is movement in the water, the light specific gravity can affect the line slack and reduce the lure's handling feel.
Also, because the line floats on the surface of the water, the trajectory connecting the lure and the line tends to be near perpendicular to the point of landing, making it easier for the lure to leave the bottom even if you want to continue touching the bottom.


The specific gravity of ALMIGHT is 1.48, which is heavier than that of polyester line (1.38).
This specific gravity also makes the line's trajectory more linear with respect to the lure in the water, making it even easier to feel the overwhelming sensitivity of PE braided line's.
The specific gravity, which is incomparable to that of 100% PE line, creates a new sense of controllability


The name of ALMIGHT is derived from its all-around performance, which makes it an option not only for fishing with conventional PE line, but also for fishing with fluorocarbon, nylon, and ester lines.
The specific gravity of 1.48 allows anglers to experience the unique feel.


●Use of different line colors
ALMIGHT is available in two line colors that can be used in a wide variety of fishing styles.
A single color, pink, is effective for low-light conditions such as at night, and any environment where visibility beyond a certain level is required.


The olive color, on the other hand, is a camouflage color that has been requested for some time, especially by freshwater lure anglers.
The olive sigle color sometimes blended with the field, making it difficult to grab a momentary bite, so we equipped it with markings.
The olive color incorporates 50 cm of orange sandwiched by dark gray within a single 2-meter interval, creating a coloring that combines camouflage performance with moderate visibility.



JP Size 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 1.2 1.5
Average LB 6.2 10 11.5 14 17 19
MAX LB. 7.2 11 13 16.5 18.5 22.5
MAX Kg 3.3 5 5.9 7.5 8.4 10.2
Specific gravity 1.48(Specific gravity varies slightly depending on the size)
Length 150m