Why is high weight PE ‘D-BRAID’ highly evaluated? | SUNLINE ENGLISH

Why is high weight PE ‘D-BRAID’ highly evaluated?

We launched D-BRAID this spring.

After years of research,it was developed and completed by Morizo Shimizu pro and SUNLINE.



You might already be aware of this but its biggest selling point is “high specific gravity”.

What kind of effects does it have? We’ll explain about it.


The first advantage is that is takes less time before starting to sink in water.

The specific gravity of normal braided line is 0.98.

However, the specific gravity of D-BRAID is 1.10 to 1.24.



In a basic way, the specific gravity of the water is 1.00.

The specific gravity of D-BRAID is heavier than that of water.


However, D-BRAID will never sink more quickly than the lure.

We think D-BRAID is recommendable for various fishing styles such as light rig, top water, jerkbait and so on.

The line is hard to be influenced by wind, due to its high gravity.

You can concentrate on fishing well even in bad weather.

D-BRAID will be very usable in tournemants as well.



D-BRAID is 4 braided line.

The surface of 4braid line is rougher than 8braided line.



As the line surface ‘catches’ the water firmly, you can easily do a technique called ‘DRIFTING’.

It allows you to control your lure naturally. As a result, even a clever fish takes a bite.



Additionally, Morizo Shimizu is strongly particular about the line quality.

Since D-Braid has a special structure, there were many points to be improved during the test period, such as hardness.

The hard line easy to become like a coile, and will get worse to the water.

Hard lines tend to be curly, and it takes time before the line start sinking.


When the line becomes curly, light rig and no-sinker rig are difficult to move naturally.

In addition, you can not detect a bite clearly because of the curl.

As a result, the fish will spit out the lure.

It leads to a mistake.



We have succeeded in achieving the smoothness that does not cause such a mistake.

Since the line quality has a positive effect on casting as well, it leads to less trouble and longer casting distance.



And, the line color is pink which is easy to see anytime and anywhere.

You can see the line angle because of its high vitibility even underwater.

With D-BRAID, you can trace the lure as you want.

You can realize when the lure reaches to the bottom by waching the line angle.



There are many benefits to seeing the line for anglers.


It is durable because it is 4 braid, and the knot won’t be slippery.



Please try this, if you wish.

Once you start using D-BRAID, you can’t stop!!