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Plasma Rise by Sunline, The Yamaguchi-Governor Award Technology

Oct 1st 2021, Sunline Plasma Rise is awarded by the governor of Yamaguchi prefecture for our world advanced technology.

This award is an encouraging award aimed at helping small and medium-sized enterprises in the prefecture to research and develop new technologies, and to nurture new businesses, finally in a bid to create a social atmosphere in which manufacturing technologies are highly appreciated and evaluated.

It is unique and highly evaluated that Plasma Rise has been implemented with its low temperature atmospheric-pressure plasma on fishing lines for its first application worldwide and Plasma Rise technology is flexibly applied in/after the time of COVID-19.

By expanding the experience of manufacturing of fishing lines and industrial materials Plasma Rise can be applied in all new fields. In the future, low temperature atmospheric-pressure plasma sterilization by Plasma Rise will expectantly be applied in fields such as plant factories.


Picture 1.

Low temperature plasma that won’t harm plants.

Picture 2.

Plasma that can be applied on skin.


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