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What kind of line is the new casting line “Full Contact X8”?

Hello, this is Shoji Matsumoto from Sunline.
The daytime temperatures have been rising lately, and suddenly it’s springtime!
I still prefer warm to cold! I prefer spring to winter!
Why? Well, after all, casting for kingfish in spring is a dream, isn’t it?


March is the time of year when we gradually hear of large kingfish being caught from the Kyushu area with spawning.
So, isn’t this the time of year when kingfish anglers all over the country get their work cut out for them?
※At least I’m one of them LoL


Scheduled to be released in the spring.It is right in the middle of the season!
After many years of testing, we have completed a PE line for casting, “FULL CONTACT X8“.

The testing period was two years. The cooperation of our testers allowed us to test in a variety of fields and targets.

I was testing from the first sample. How does that change the line in actual fishing?
How is the color fading? Will it cause line trouble when casting?
We check every detail and exchange opinions with testers.
We discuss improvements and reflect them in the next sample, which is a steady process,
but we believe that this process is reliable and indispensable in order to create a line that can be used with confidence.

So far we have written about the testing process.I’m sure you’re all wondering, “What kind of line is Full Contact X8?”
From here, I would like to talk about the thoughts and concepts behind Full Contact.
As SUNLINE users mght know, a blue-colored line called “Monster Battle PE” has been on the market for many years.


Of course, I have caught some memorable fish on that line, so to speak, it is a memorable product.
However, it was a line that had been in release for more than a decade, or worse, it was a line from the past.
In fact, when we used and compared newly released products from other companies, we were surprised at the feel and degree of change.
I decided, as an employee of Sunline and as an angler, “I want to provide products that people can use with confidence.


The first thing that cannot be removed from a large fish that pulls violently is “straight line power”.
It is not always possible to fight in deep water in the casting game.
Depending on the time of year and the species of fish, you may be forced to fight them in very shallow water.
It is also necessary to stop the fish’s run and force it to come to you.


Further damage to the line is accumulated by repeated casting, and eventually appears as fluffing.
Repeating the cast from there, about 0.5 cm of the upper part of the knot collapses, and the knot becomes loose.


For Full Contact, these problems have been improved.
High grade PE with excellent impact resistance is used as the base material.
The line are made at an exquisite pitch (spacing) that is neither too wide nor too narrow, thereby improving both linear strength and abrasion resistance.
In addition, a special silicone finish is applied to ensure smooth line release.

I have yet to catch a large fish with the full contact X8, including the prototype LoL
Still, I’ll be heading back to the field this spring to see the fish of the day!

Full Contact X8 will be available next month. Stay tuned!