Tunageat FC




Salt Water


●By applying Patented technology "Plasma Rise", the line surface is modified to special polymeric layer such as elastic rubber band.
Due to significant knot tightness by the elastic property, it achieved great improvement in high knot strength of the line and a braid line as it is important for shock leader.

●The special polymeric layer can perform the big advantage against damage and breakage due to snags.

●Due to high knot strength and high abrasion resistance, you can target fish with the thinner line than usual.

●It can be applied to a wide range from Super light jigging to Offshore targeting big fish.



Our dream has been realized by Plasma Rise

Super Light Jigging with 10LB or 12LB PE line. Vertical Jigging with 80LB or 90LB PE line to aim big fish. Slow jigging, Light Jigging… There are many types of jigging fishing styles, which have been developed. So, target fish with jigging increase. Anglers have various needs of fishing gear, and fishing shops display a lot of categories.

Then, what are the demands for shock leaders? We would say they are “straight strength”, “knot strength”, “abrasion resistance”, and fisherman have been requesting these since the leader system was developed. Our advanced technologies are used on “Tunageat FC” to meet the demands.


"Special polymeric layer”, excellent for shock absorption and abrasion resistance.

"If the surface of leader can be transformed to like rubber texture, it must be able to resist rubbing against structures"

But…how to make this idea possible?

Sunline’s new technology, “Plasma Rise” makes it realized.

Fluorocarbon has chemical resistant and little adhesive property, so coating agent ends up coming off easily.

However, we succeeded in making "Special polymeric layer” on the surface of the line by Plasma treatment.

As a result, the abrasion resistance and knot strength have been absolutely improved.


●Abrasion Resistance Improvement

The special polymeric layer has elastic property and cushioning effect. It prevents the line from breaking down even when it is rubbed up against the rough rasp. This enables you to cast around reef and edged structures with confidence.

●Knot Endurance Improvement

Due to cushioning effect of the special polymeric layer, the line itself is tightly knotted and digging into the knot, which brings higher knot breaking energy.

●Connection with PE line

The cushioning property is also beneficial to connection with PE line. Knot by PE line and leader line with normal coating slips its surface. However, the elastic polymer layer works to prevent the surface of the leader from such slip. Improvement in knot`s conditions helps your knot strength significantly.

●Endurance Improvement

In order to absorb the massive tensile power by fish, not only straight strength but also ‘‘Endurance’’ (strength index that represents total energy amount until linebreak) is required. In order to maximize the ‘’Endurance’’, appropriate balance between elongation and strength is important. Endurance can be quantitatively shown by the physical property data of breaking energy. The skills to control the breaking energy, which was developed through the manufacturing of tuna fishing line, contributes to the improvement of endurance.


【Sunline Tester, Sato Norihiro comment】


What benefit of leaders I want is not easiness of use or suppleness, but knot strength. I have used this leader since it was a prototype, and I like it so much. Knot strength is presumably improved, and also I like its appropriate hardness. In my opinion, I like this better than Black Stream.
The size is available from #4 (16LB) to #12 (40LB), but I think mainly I use #5 (20LB) and #7 (25LB). Let me tell you again that knot strength is excellent. Importantly, the benefit of knot strength is only brought out by appropriate knots. Knot with rings, knot with PE line. At fishing, knots are significant. I hope you catch great fish with careful work on your knots.


■Length: 50m ●Color: CLEAR


Standard Dia.(mm) 0.310 0.330 0.370 0.435 0.470 0.520 0.570 0.620
Strength(lb) 14 16 20 25 30 35 40 50
Line Size(#) 3.5 4 5 7 8 10 12 14


■Length: 30m ●Color: CLEAR


Standard Dia.(mm) 0.700 0.740 0.780 0.840 0.910 - - -
Strength(lb) 60 70 80 90 100
Line Size(#) 18 20 22 26 30


  • Non-stress spooling

    Tension-free spooling maximizes the qualities of the line. Because no stress is placed on the line as it is spooled, the line comes off ready to deliver superior stretch performance.

  • Plasma Rise

    Through the joint development with Plasma Concept Tokyo, the world's first realization of continuous atmospheric pressure plasma treatment of fibrous materials, which has been regarded as difficult, has been realized.
    This makes it possible to apply plasma treatment to fishing lines, and to provide various performances. It is an innovative technology with unlimited possibilities that can meet the stoic requirements of anglers.