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Seeking for big kingfish in spring.

Hi everyone, this is Shoji Matsumoto.
Hope you are doing well in the midst of hay fever and spring temperature swings.
Please take care good care of yourself.


Now the cherry blossoms are at their best all over Japan. Would you like to relax and enjoy cherry blossom viewing on your day off?
No, no, fishing takes precedence over cherry blossom viewing.
I enjoy fishing with a variety of lures throughout the year, but every spring all I can think about is kingfish.


The main reason I go kingfishing in the spring is that there is a great chance of catching big kingfish.
I enjoyed offshore fishing for kingfish this time.


In the morning and evening, we target kingfish with casting games.
But all I could catch were small fish. Still, those fish are eating a lot of sardines, so their bellies are quite full!

When not in the casting game, we aim kingfish with jigging.
The tide was running, but I didn’t get a hit with metal jigs well, perhaps because there were too many sardines.
Other fisherman on the boat got a hit, but for some reason most of the fish caught in the medium depth are still small.

Even with an unfavorable tide, the timing is short, but there is always an opportune time.
It is difficult to seize that opportunity, but this time I succeeded in seizing it!
When I was jerking the jig without moving it much, I got a hit near the bottom.


I caught a 7 kg class. Still, it’s pretty fat!
Chance time? When I dropped the jig and jerked it in the same way, I got a hit again near the bottom!
The weight on the rod immediately after hooking is incomparable to what it was earlier.


When reeling up, the rod must be held under your arm.
Some people fight with the grip end under their stomach, but I personally do not recommend this because pumping is a common cause of hook dislodging.
However, this does not apply if you are fighting a target that requires a long-term fight.


As I continued reeling carefully without loosening the tension to prevent the hook from coming off, I dimly saw the shadow of the fish, and it was quite large!


The measurement result was 15 kg.
I am happy because I was aiming at big kingfish by jigging as well as casting. I’m very moved!
I gave him a good rest and took a commemorative photo.
And then, I gave him a rest again and successfully released him.


The main line used was “INFINITIVE X8” PE line for jigging, which is scheduled to be released this month.
INFINITIVE’s main features are impact resistance and high linear strength. I think this is the reason we were able to catch big one so well.
As for this kingfish, I did not fight with high loads because I was fighting in deep column where I didn’t need to care about abrasion damages from reefs.
However, as the season progresses further, you can fish by jigging in shallow water that can be targeted with topwater lures.
In such a situation, if you can not stop kingfish from running, the line could break due to abrasion against the reef.
The ability to work in a variety of situations is the concept we have sought for INFINITIVE series.●Impact resistance
●Strong straight strength
Each is well-balanced, making it perfect for jigging for srtrong fish such as kingfish!
Please look forward to the release of this product.

Let’s all enjoy fishing!
I’m going to try again!


【Jigging Tackle Data】
Rod:Trick Star 624(TRUTH JAPAN)
Leader:ProtoType FC leader #14(SUNLINE)
Jig:GUTTER JIG slim 180g(MC works’)