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Let’s have a blast this summer!

Hi everyone,I’m Shoji Matsumoito from SUNLINE.
I went back to my hometown Kumamoto city for the summer holidays.
While I was happy to see my family again, I was still looking forward to fishing.
My destination was Amakusa City, located in the southwestern part of Kumamoto Prefecture.
We enjoyed boat fishing with Akiyama tester.


Our target is seabass and bream with topwater plugs.
Akiyama tester caught a sea bass right away in the early hours of the morning. I was also able to catch one.


From there, we changed to targeting bream. Of course, the only lures we use are topwater plugs.
The Amakusa area is home to many bream, which can be targeted with a variety of lures, but topwater games are the most fun!
One thing to keep in mind is that when targeting with poppers, the popping should not be too strong. We believe that bream that are not very active will often bite.



Target areas where there are rapids or rocks scattered around. Also, target areas where sand and other sediments are deposited and the water is shallow.
They wait for the bait to pass in these places.
Of course, some bream do not respond lures, but those that have never seen the lure will actively chase it.
At that time, you will get a high probability of bites, so please continue to carefully manipulate the lure first.



The main line used this time was SIGLON PE AMZ X4 #0.8 (blood orange).
I used it for about 5 hours on this day, and the casting feel is excellent due to the processing that maintains the same initial performance.
Also, the line is not sticky, so lure operation is easy.



I think the soft line quality and PSP of the SIGLON PE AMZ are very well suited for the bream top game, which often uses lighter lures.
Try it out!