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High specific gravity PE line makes your fishing more comfortable

Hi, I’m Shoji Matsumoto.

Often, too strong winds to fish often blow in winter.

A new PE line is scheduled for release this spring. Then it can reduce stress in such situations.
That is “ALMIGHT X4+1”.



The most important feature of this line is its high specific gravity. Normally, the specific gravity of PE line is 0.98. (Water is about 1.00)

In comparison, the specific gravity of ALMIGHT is 1.48, a very high value.
This makes it less susceptible to wind as monofilament lines are.
Less susceptibility to wind means that lures are less likely to off the targeted point.
The fact that lures are less likely to slip out of place enables you to do subtle fishing.
Then it will eventually show up as a result.

It was a very crosswindy day.
I used ALMIGHT #0.6 + small game leader FC II 10lb.
The weight of the lure was 7 g. Until the last fishing trip, I was using PE EGI ULT HS4 #0.5.

Still, using the ALMIGHT in strong winds was immediately beneficial.

This is because the line flew straighter than I expected.
And this was despite the strong side winds.

The result is…
Good fishing time!




Another day.


As the season progresses, we will be able to target an even greater variety of fish.
Of course, there is a high probability that it will be affected by the wind.
So, if any of your reels are wound with ALMIGHT, they will always do a good job.

It will be released this spring.
Stay tuned!

【Shoji’s Tackle Data】
Rod:ul76 power seven(Go-Phish)
Line:ALMIGHT X4+1 11lb(#0.6)(SUNLINE)
Leader:SmallGame Leader FCⅡ 10lb(#2.5)(SUNLINE)