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The kingfish addiction.

Hi, I’m Shoji Matsumoto from SUNLINE. It’s the best time to enjoy cherry blossoms viewing in Japan.
Of course,cherry blossom viewing is also good, but I still prefer to fishing, right? Its target is Kingfish!
I will tell you about the fishing trip of two times.


The first is about trip of Nagasaki Prefecture. We went on Kazueimaru of fishing boat.
I went to the Goto Islands, which boasts one of the best fish stocks in Japan.
It started with jigging. A few hours passed without catching anything, probably because the situation wasn’t good.
Then I finally caught a small yellowtail. This was the only fish I caught while jigging.




A few more hours have passed since then.
I was worried about the worsening weather, but I was able to continue fishing.
Then”Wind””tide””baitfish” all the sea conditions got better. Kingfish suddenly became more active and start to bite our topwater plugs.
And I caught kingfish of 8kg and 12kg with topwater plugs.




And then everybody caught kingfish and yellowtail. Also, I got a bite from big one!! I could’t catch it. Fishing for this day has ended.
And the next day’s fishing trip.
I got on board to Kenyomaru in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
they had a bad reaction due to the tide and the wind are colliding in the mornig.
Even so, the fish started responding and chasing the bait fish when the tide eased.
But, kingfish does not respond to my lure because of swimming many bait fish.
Nonetheless, I continued doing a certain pattern, a big kingfish responded to my lure.
Again I got a violent bite, but it is not hooked.
But, I convinced that this action was working for them.
When I lured it with that action again, this time I succeeded in hooking it!!
The pulling power is strong,but It’s not that super big size.
Still the pull is strong.



I used INFINITIVE X8 78lb(#5) and shock leader is SYSTEM SHOCK LEADER NY 90lb.
It’s a small size, so I can’t overdo it.


I kept applying pressure to the fish, and I caught 13kg kingfish!!



After that, I got another 8kg size.



The captain also caught a 15kg kingfish at the end of the day.



I used FULL CONTACT X8 for both fishing trips.
I used only FULL CONTACT X8 for casting game, and I didn’t have even a single wind knot.
However, this will of course vary from person to person depending on the form of the cast and the amount of the line in the reel.
The most important thing for a trouble-free cast is to swing the rod firmly.
Whether or not the line can be smoothly released at that time will affect the distance.


You will experience a smooth feel when you use FULL CONTACT X8.
However, as the casts are repeated, the initial coating will gradually wear off.
The performance of the braided line will decline in the same way.
To cover the issue, it is recommended to use a line sprayer frequently.
This will revive the slipperiness performance. Be sure to maintain your braided line.
Now, I will continue to aim big kingfish.



【Tackle Data】
Rod:Ocean Sprinter 896(TRUTH JAPAN)
Leader:Prototype Nylon leader 130lb(SUNLINE)
Lure:Paddle Bait 190(loca standard)
Rod:Ocean Sprinter 844(TRUTH JAPAN)
Lure:LEGATO F165(Maria)
Rod:Ocean Sprinter 856(TRUTH JAPAN)
Leader:Prototype Nylon leader 130lb(SUNLINE)
Lure:LEGATO F190(Maria)